About this website

This website contains many articles written from the perspective that God made sure everything you need to know about heaven, hell, death, judgement, salvation, and much more can be learned from simply studying the KJV (the King James Version of the Bible), also known as the AV (the Authorized Version), without having to look at the Hebrew or Koine Greek that Scripture was originally written in. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with digging a little deeper, but God made sure that it isn’t necessary to consider the original languages in order for English speaking people to understand what He wants them to know about these important topics.

The articles on this website were also written with the following concepts in mind:

  1. Scripture is inerrant, and should be interpreted as literally as possible (outside of cases where it’s meant to be interpreted figuratively, of course), as well as from a Sola scriptura perspective. This means rejecting “orthodox” traditions and creeds, and following only what Scripture says when it comes to doctrine.
  2. Paul’s Gospel must be divided from the Gospel to Israel as heralded by the terrestrial Jesus, and by Peter and Jesus’ other disciples, since the glorified Christ gave Paul a new message for the nations.
  3. The doctrines the body of Christ is meant to follow are all contained within the epistles signed by Paul. While all Scripture is true and useful for all of us, the rest of it was written primarily to and about Israel.
  4. God is working out His purpose through a series of time periods known as ages, not to be confused with dispensations, which are simply different spiritual administrations or “economies” that can apply to different groups of people, sometimes even overlapping each other in time.
  5. God is completely sovereign, and all things are predetermined.
  6. Death is non-existence, as far as our consciousness goes. This means that hell isn’t a place the dead can suffer in, and that heaven isn’t a place the dead can go either, at least not in a conscious state. This also means that Jesus Christ did, in fact, cease to exist as a conscious being when He died for our sins and when He was buried, before He rose again the third day.
  7. Through the cross of Christ, God will save all humanity, and will reconcile all conscious, sapient beings who ever existed, and who need to be reconciled, to Himself. However, while all humanity will experience salvation from an absolute perspective, they won’t all experience it from a relative perspective, because there are different types, or stages, of salvation, and not everybody experiences every type or stage.