Christianity is more negative than Atheism

A fellow believer by the name of Alan posted this over on a Discord server which certain English-speaking members of the actual body of Christ sometimes frequent, and gave me permission to share it. I’ve edited it slightly for punctuation and spelling and such, but otherwise I’ve posted it as it was shared:

“Christians like to shit on atheists for saying there is no meaning to life, but think about this: according to most Christians, the majority of life failed its purpose. Instead of nothing mattering (Atheism), almost everything that did matter FAILED! For the overwhelming majority, it’s not just that their life was meaningless, but that their life ends up in eternal failure. What was the purpose of their suffering? There was no purpose. The evil they experience? Purposeless.

Christianity does not have an answer for the question of evil. Why? Because most people end up in hell forever. The evil we suffer has no value if we end up in hell forever. For the overwhelming majority this will be the case.

Today I was thinking about a man whose girlfriend died of cancer, and he wasn’t able to be there for her because his family stopped him from visiting her in the hospital. A sad story, but I know that he will see her again eventually, and the period of separation will make it all the sweeter.

Everything ends up with a happy ending, because Jesus saves all, but in eternal-torment land, the evil she and he experienced had no meaning, and God had nothing to do with it.

Christianity is more negative then Atheism; it is the worst horror story known to man.”