They’re the same picture

After finishing my post on the many differences between the Israel of God (and their Gospel of the Circumcision) and the body of Christ (and our Gospel of the Uncircumcision) — which you can find here — and being told by someone who read it that they still can’t see the clear pattern of differences between the two groups and our respective Gospels (and what the different outcomes of believing those two Gospels are), all I could think of was this meme from The Office.

Somehow, because they’re both photographs (both are called churches/Gospels), both highlight plant life (both are about the same Person), both have light shining making the scene visible (both involve grace), and both have places one could walk if they were in the picture (both involve faith that the information within a particular Good News is true — with “news” meaning a specific series of words which conveys specific information about a subject when arranged in a specific order), they’re obviously one and the same picture (church/Gospel), right?