It’s not their fault

One thing that can frustrate a Universalist to no end is the fact that Universal Reconciliation seems to be one of the clearest doctrines in Scripture, yet most Christians just can’t seem to see it at all. Most Christians interpret certain parables, metaphors, and other biblical figures of speech as teaching never-ending torment in hell for all non-Christians, even though these passages are clearly teaching something completely different (what they’re actually teaching is not what I’m getting at right now so I’ll save that discussion for another time).

The thing we have to keep in mind (and this is something I have to continuously remind myself of) is that it’s not their fault that they are interpreting Scripture this way. The fact that we have had centuries of indoctrination in the concept of never-ending torment in hell aside, I believe that God has predestined most Christians to believe in never-ending torment in order to fulfill His ultimate purposes for creation. I’ll get more into the idea of God’s sovereignty when it comes not only to our salvation but also to our theology at a later point, I just wanted to get that out there for now.