What if you’re wrong

A lot of people have asked me over the years, “What if you’re wrong about Universal Reconciliation?” I could go (and have gone) into all sorts of reasons as to why I believe I’m right, but truth be told I could be wrong. I mean, I believed in Everlasting Torment in hell for about 20 years and then decided I was wrong about that, so I could someday decide that I’m wrong about this as well. All of the philosophical, theological, and Scriptural reasons why I believe in Universal Reconciliation aside, though (and there are a lot of reasons), if I am wrong I’d rather err on the side of mercy than on the side of wrath. I would rather make the mistake of believing that God is more loving than He really is than the mistake of believing that He’s more wrathful than He really is. I would also rather make the mistake of believing that God had a properly thought out plan which ends well for everybody before He even started creation than make the mistake of believing that He was willing to leave the eternal destinies of humanity up to chance and our flawed abilities to make good choices.