Simple proof that the body of Christ is not the Israel of God

Most of us in the actual body of Christ (not to be confused with the Christian religion) are well aware of the fact that there is more than one Gospel in Scripture (at least we are if we’ve been a member for much time at all), and that the end result of believing the different Gospels is different as well. Those who believe Paul’s Gospel have joined the body of Christ and will reign in the heavens in the ages to come, while the Gospel of the Kingdom was meant primarily for Israelites, and the end result of accepting that Gospel is to reign on the earth when the kingdom of heaven begins on earth (specifically in Israel).

Most Christians, however, aren’t aware of these facts (or simply refuse to accept them), and instead believe that the body of Christ is now “spiritual Israel,” or has replaced Israel altogether as the true Israel, claiming that when Paul wrote, “they are not all Israel, which are of Israel,” he was actually expanding the boundaries of the true “Israel” rather than shrinking the limits as he was actually doing there.

There have been long exegetical articles and books written explaining how replacement theology is not actually scriptural, and I may even expand on this in a later article myself, but it’s actually extremely simple to quickly prove that Israel has not been replaced by the body of Christ (or that the body of Christ hasn’t been subsumed into the Israel of God), and that proof is the New Covenant itself.

You see, the New Covenant is a covenant which God promised to make with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah, and this covenant includes God finally writing the law on their hearts (so that they can keep it perfectly, as Ezekiel also explained would be the result of this). This point right here proves definitively that the body of Christ is not a part of Israel, or even a part of the New Covenant as Israel will be partakers of in the future, because we are not under the law. In fact, Paul goes to great pains in his writings to explain that we should not be trying to follow the law, and should not allow ourselves to be placed under it in any way whatsoever. This means that we can’t be a part of Israel’s New Covenant, because it will involve law-keeping when it comes fully into effect, and that just isn’t something we’re supposed to participate in as members of the church known as Christ’s body.

These simple facts tell us that the law will be kept by Israel (and Judah) when it is finally written on their hearts, and that those of us in the body of Christ are not connected to Israel (or is it Judah? Which one is it that the body of Christ is supposed to now be a part of or have replaced?), which means that there are two separate destinies for the body of Christ and the Israel of God (one celestial and one terrestrial), and if there are two separate destinies, then there’s a good chance that the message one believes in order to partake of either destiny is likely different from the other message as well, which we know is indeed the case from other parts of Scripture.

If you’d like to learn more about these two messages and the two destinies, I did write about it in a little more detail here.