What if you’re wrong?

Believers in Universal Reconciliation are often asked, “What if you’re wrong?” Well, if we are, all that’s happened is we’ve accused God of being more successful and more loving than He really is, but we’ve also still believed the Good News that Christ died for our sins, and that He was buried and rose again the third day, so we’ll still end up saved, which means it’s really not a gamble for us to believe that God might be greater than traditional Christians make Him out to be.

However, let’s now turn that question around and ask the Infernalists (believers in Everlasting Torment), “What if you’re wrong?” Because, if it does turn out that the Infernalists are wrong, they’ve accused God of being far less loving than He actually is (unless one can somehow call allowing the majority of creation to be tormented without end loving), not to mention calling Him a failure (Paul called God the Saviour of all mankind, so if He ends up failing to save all mankind, what would that make Him?). Also, if it turns out that the end result of the Gospel is the salvation of all humanity, as I believe it to be, it means they’ve failed to believe what the Gospel means (and hence haven’t really believed the Gospel at all) and will very likely miss out on ”everlasting life” (life during the impending age, and perhaps even life during the final age on the New Earth). Yes, they’ll still experience salvation at the end of the ages, but in the meantime, they’re likely going to miss out on a lot.

Bottom line, it seems far safer to believe that God truly is the Saviour of all mankind than to accuse Him of missing the mark (which is the definition of sin, by the way) when it comes to saving the majority of His creation, so please think very carefully about the possible consequences of being wrong about your beliefs when it comes to salvation. And if you do still need a bit of convincing that God will not fail to accomplish His will to save everyone, here are a few articles I wrote that discuss what Scripture says about the topic: