The only part you play in your own salvation

As I’ve explained elsewhere on this site, it’s mortality (and death, for those who die prior to Christ’s return), as well as sinfulness because of that mortality, that Christ saves us from, not never-ending torment in hell or the lake of fire. As I’ve also covered, salvation under Paul’s Gospel is 100% based upon the fact that Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose again the third day, and has nothing to do with anything we ourselves decide to do or believe (in fact, we can’t even believe the Gospel unless God gives us the faith to do so).

This means that the one and only thing we have to do in order to be saved is be born mortal. That’s it. If we aren’t mortal, we won’t sin, and also have nothing to be saved from, so mortality is a requirement for salvation for us humans. But the salvation itself is based entirely upon what Christ did, not what we do (or believe), otherwise we’re saying that Christ’s death for our sins, and subsequent burial and resurrection, accomplished absolutely nothing (if we’re not saved before we “accept His death for our sins and His resurrection” — whatever that even means — but only get saved by “accepting it,” it’s our “accepting it” that ultimately saved us, somehow turning His sacrifice from apparent uselessness into something that actually accomplished something, making us our own saviours, or at least partial saviours).

Yes, if God has given you the faith to believe the good news that everyone will eventually experience salvation because of what Christ did, you’ll get to experience that salvation long before most other people, but even that faith is not out of yourself, but is rather a gift of God. It just means He chose to let you believe the truth — and experience immortality and sinlessness — before everyone else. But since Christ’s death for our sins, and subsequent burial and resurrection, had to save everyone whether they believe it or not or else we’d be our own (at least partial) saviours, everyone will eventually also be brought to a knowledge of the truth and will also eventually be made immortal and sinless.