You are already a heretic

It doesn’t matter what your theological views are, nor does it matter what denomination your church is; no matter who you are, you are considered a heretic by some other group of Christians out there. But, of course, your views and denomination are right and everybody else’s is wrong so it doesn’t matter what they… Continue reading You are already a heretic

If you were a Universalist

I was recently reminded of a great old (possibly apocryphal) story about the 19th-century Universalist, Hosea Ballou: Ballou was riding the circuit in the New Hampshire hills with a Baptist minister one day, arguing theology as they traveled. At one point, the Baptist looked over and said, “Brother Ballou, if I were a Universalist and… Continue reading If you were a Universalist

Just because it’s “orthodox” doesn’t mean it’s true

Always remember, just because something is labelled “orthodox” doesn’t mean it’s true. Heresy is often just the rejection of commonly accepted error. This is the essence of my life philosophy, along with, “Question everything… even this.” As most people do, I began life accepting that most of the standard “orthodox” beliefs were true, be they… Continue reading Just because it’s “orthodox” doesn’t mean it’s true

Are heretics really a threat?

Throughout history, various heretics (not to mention infidels, apostates, and other non-believers in particular doctrines and dogmas) have been ostracized, persecuted, tortured, raped, and even killed for their particular beliefs (or lack thereof). Apparently we are often considered to be such a threat to the well being of society that if we are not eliminated… Continue reading Are heretics really a threat?


Lector: In the last post here, it was pointed out that if there is anything at all that we have to do to “get right with God,” even if it is simply “choosing to trust Jesus,” then salvation would be by works and not grace since it would be a transaction between us and God. So… Continue reading Salvations?

Christian magic

Many of the evangelicals I grew up with were horrified at the idea of magic and witchcraft, all the while promoting the biggest magic spell ever, known to many simply as “The Sinner’s Prayer.” This magical incantation, when spoken out loud (and truly believed), is supposed to somehow change the location that we end up… Continue reading Christian magic

It’s not their fault

One thing that can frustrate a Universalist to no end is the fact that Universal Reconciliation seems to be one of the clearest doctrines in Scripture, yet most Christians just can’t seem to see it at all. Most Christians interpret certain parables, metaphors, and other biblical figures of speech as teaching never-ending torment in hell… Continue reading It’s not their fault

What if you’re wrong

A lot of people have asked me over the years, “What if you’re wrong about Universal Reconciliation?” I could go (and have gone) into all sorts of reasons as to why I believe I’m right, but truth be told I could be wrong. I mean, I believed in Everlasting Torment in hell for about 20… Continue reading What if you’re wrong

Yes, I am a Universalist

I know some people (some are friends, so if any of them are reading this post, please keep in mind that this is not a criticism) who, while believing that Universal Reconciliation) is the most scriptural soteriological model, don’t actually like to be refered to as “Universalists.” This is mostly because “Universalism” is sometimes also… Continue reading Yes, I am a Universalist