Questions you must answer

In order to convince us Mid-Acts Dispensationalists we’re wrong about our belief that there is more than one Gospel proclaimed in Scripture, one has to be able to first answer some questions. If one can’t answer these questions, they won’t be able to convince us that we’re wrong (it’s as simple as that). First, would… Continue reading Questions you must answer

The perfect father

After reading yesterday’s story, someone pointed out to me that it reminded him of a Hosea Ballou anecdote, and I have to agree with him, so I’m sharing it here: Ballou was riding the circuit again when he stopped for the night at a New England farmhouse. The farmer was upset. He confided to Ballou that… Continue reading The perfect father

Getting what’s deserved

[Setting: Church meeting room. Jeff has been asked by the church’s elders to come in to be quizzed on whether he’s qualified to be a new elder himself or not. The meeting is drawing to a close.] Elder Bob: And just to confirm one last time, you do believe that anyone who does not become… Continue reading Getting what’s deserved

The fourth option

When Infernalists or Annihilationists point out that Jesus didn’t teach Universalism while He walked the earth, they’re absolutely correct. However, He didn’t teach Infernalism or Annihilationism either. He actually taught something else altogether. Most people assume that Infernalism, Annihilationism, and Universalism are the only three options when it comes to the final possible outcome of… Continue reading The fourth option

Who sends people to hell?

The line seemed to have stopped moving for quite some time, now, and people were starting to talk amongst themselves. “Any idea why we’re not moving?” Dave asked Tom, the person in front of him. “Apparently the judgement had to stop because someone refused to go to hell,” Tom replied, pointing to the valley of… Continue reading Who sends people to hell?

Justice for evil

Christian: If Universalism is true, there is no justice for evil. I do not want that. Believer: Hypothetically speaking, if only one person got saved in the end, but he was a very evil man prior to believing the Gospel, would there be justice for evil? Christian: Yes, because his evil was dealt with by… Continue reading Justice for evil